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What is GRIP?

Most men think that they can, and most women think that they can’t…the FACT is BOTH are wrong…unless you have been taught you don’t know how…Men often get themselves and their families in dangerous situations because they think they can fight and that they know how to just because they are men, women look to men thinking he is a man, he CAN protect me……..NO he can’t unless he “knows” how….not thinks he knows how !

What GRIP is Not

  • Self defence
  • Going to teach you how to fight
  • Going to guarantee any outcome from a hostile situation

What you need to know

  • 3 hour program, which is modular so can be broken up into 3×1 hour, 2×1.5 hour
  • Maximum 50 per class
  • Money backed guarantee
  • Electronic manual
  • Certificate
  • Lifelong membership
  • Free refresher courses
  • Proof of INpowerment by breakthrough